My Trip to Gokarna

I love travelling and I travel with a desire to explore new and exciting destinations. This time I am gonna travel to an amazing town which is situated in South-Indian state Karnataka. I have been planning for a long weekend, when the time arrived I packed my baggage to explore the wonderful spot Gokarna.

I went all the way to Gokarna by hiring a cab which I guess is the best way to reach there, on reaching there I recognised, Gokarna is a small and wonderful town which is not so crowded as Goa but this is the only spot where we can obtain peace, the culture from glorious temples and yes for sure, the stunning view of the beaches.

I began trekking early in the morning with lots of enthusiasm and curiosity to explore the amazing beaches here. The finest part of Gokarna is trekking its dazzling beaches one by one, the first beach I went for trekking is the Kudle Beach and then I moved to explore the stunning OM beach. While I was visiting these beaches my excitement reached to skies and with no wait, I went on exploring rest of the beaches.

kudle beach
Kudle Beach

I found this place extremely serene with attractive temples and its culture. The atmosphere, the way of life, and the striking sceneries of beaches will undeniably make us reside here for months.

For me it’s a small Paradise especially the Kudle Beach which offers good stuff, I discovered the people here are awfully friendly and I made good friends who taught me about their lifestyle and culture.

I really had a comfy stay in the Kudle Ocean Front resort which is located near to Kudle Beach, the fabulous pinewood cottages with affordable luxurious amnesties made me feel awesome in such a pleasant environment.

Kudle Ocean Front Resort, Gokarna
Kudle Ocean Front Resort

My trip to Gokarna inspired me a lot to meet people who come from corners of the globe, know them, recognize their culture and talk about life.

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Deepali Sharma: I love exploring new places, meet new people, share new Ideas and enjoy life to the fullest.